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Love hiding vegetables from your family?  I do! We’re used to using pureed pumpkin & sweet potato and grated zucchini everything at this time of year, why not use squash?

By using grated squash, buttermilk & vinegar this cake comes out so moist and flavorful!  Best part, you’ve hidden a large amount of squash from all the veggie […]

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One of my favorite foods is salad!  Salad can be made of anything; fruit, nuts, mixed greens, protein, cheese you name it – put it all together in just the right way and you’ve got a salad.

I absolutely love this mango salad – it’s simplicity is mind boggling especially when I think about how versatile it […]

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I’ve always loved meals that are what I call “One Pot Wonders”.  Although this bakes up all in one nice big pan, you will need a deep skillet to get it all started.  I’ve been making a dish similar to this for years, but the other night while watching Chef Lidia Bastianich on Television make […]

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I really love fast ‘n easy light summer meals.  This of course can be served any time of the year!

Canned Tuna is one of those pantry staples that just about everyone keeps, so when you’re looking for something different are in a pinch for a meal why not pull out the tuna, add a few […]

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I made Lentil Shakshuka the other day and found I cooked way too many lentils.  Decided I’d make another batch and when I started the sauce I got creative adding a few other spices, then I decided I was in the mood for curry with a Thai twist.  Next thing I know I’ve got this gorgeous bubbling, thick, rich […]

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Shakshuka has always been one of my favorite go to “one pot wonder” meals.  After all, how can you go wrong with a lovely warm, satisfying savory sauce of red peppers, tomatoes and loads of seasoning topped with perfectly poached eggs?!

As I continue through this journey of trying to live well and healthfully I find […]

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I absolutely love vegetables and pancakes.  One of my favorites is the good old Potato latke or potato pancake.  Because I try to keep my carbohydrates within a healthy range and I’m always trying to find different ways to step up my vegetable flavors I love combining my favorites in different ways hence these lovely […]

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I love using seasoned ground meat as a main dish in a myriad of ways. Once you’ve decided what kind of seasonings you’d like to use – in this case I like the South Western flavors – you can use this as a filling for taco shells, fajitas, […]

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One Walk Toronto – Sept. 10, 2016

I was thrilled when approached by The Huffington Post to write an article about why I decided to join the Rexall OneWalk Toronto in support of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  Even more thrilled when they accepted & published it!!

Just think…if 100 people donated the equivalent of a “short” coffee (the least expensive of all drinks) […]

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Ricotta Protein Pancakes

I’ve been obsessed with pancakes lately!  Not sure why, but I’ve been making them in every conceivable configuration without using flour in the last few months.

Forgot all about a fabulous recipe I used to make years ago that was just ricotta cheese, eggs and some flavoring.  Dairy was omitted from my diet for quite some […]

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